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Succeeding with Successor: the UK presses on with its next-gen submarine programme

The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed a further £642m of funding for the Successor submarine programme, bringing the total spend so far to £3.9bn. With the programme’s assessment phase totalling £3.9bn and opposition remaining strong, how feasible is the endeavour and how will work progress from here? Claire Apthorp reports.

UK defence: challenges loom for triumphant Tories

The Conservatives have free rein for the first time since 1997 after securing an unexpected majority at the UK general election in May. But with global instability at its highest level for decades and a steadily declining Ministry of Defence budget, the party has a hill to climb to set an effective and achievable national security strategy.

Persistent littoral surveillance: automated coast guards

When it comes to guarding huge stretches of shoreline, there’s only so much traditional vessels can accomplish. Chris Lo explores the US Navy’s plans for a networked system of automated vehicles and sensors which could carry out littoral surveillance with an unblinking eye.

Australian naval ports: supporting RAN’s overhaul

With the RAN in dire straits, Australia’s shipyards and naval bases are under pressure to support a raft of major upgrades. Chris Lo looks at the role of Australia’s land-based naval infrastructure towards the navy’s urgent reform programmes.

MCTS: Royal Navy’s next-gen training revolution

The Royal Navy’s £108m Maritime Composite Training System is set to revolutionise naval training in the UK. Chris Lo speaks to Jeremy Tuck, head of maritime training services at MCTS developer BAE Systems, about the system’s capabilities and its potential for the future.