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South Korea’s blue-water naval strategy

South Korea’s Navy has announced that it will push to create a task fleet capable of broader-range operations beyond its shores, in another show of its desire to build blue-water capabilities. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks to analysts about the drivers behind this investment.

MQ-25 Stingray: the first drone to refuel fighter jets in flight

Boeing has secured a multi-million dollar contract to deliver the MQ-25A Stingray to the US Navy. How could this unmanned aerial refuelling capability define the future of the carrier air wing?

From attack submarines to spies: US Navy asks more of its underwater fleet

The US Navy is equipping its nuclear attack submarines with improved navigation and detection technology as well as new sonar, automation and artificial intelligence technologies. This will enable quieter, faster movements in littoral waters where enemy mines, small boats and other threats often operate. Andrew Tunnicliffe takes a look at the future capabilities of the US submarine fleet.

Will the US Navy ditch its missile defence strategy?

Three years into his stewardship of the US Navy, Admiral John Richardson is looking outside of the box when it comes to naval strategy and capability. Andrew Tunnicliffe explores the challenges the Chief of Naval Operations is facing and his call for an end to sea-based ballistic missile defence.