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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including international relations, conflict, geopolitics, tech disruption and sportswashing.

Alex Blair

Taiwan builds first indigenous defence submarine

Near-daily Chinese military drills have prompted Taiwan’s first domestically built submarine.

Signal: US weaponry becomes incentive for normalised Saudi-Israel ties

Saudi Arabia eyes US support for nuclear weapons program, security guarantees and arms dealings in landmark talks with Israel.

Signal: Kenya to lead US-sponsored mission in Haiti

US and Kenya sign five-year defence deal involving $100m for intervention in crisis-hit Haiti despite human rights concerns.

Russia’s Crimea navy base up in smoke after Ukraine missile strike

Russia’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed one person is missing after missile hits Black Sea Fleet headquarters.

Signal: Brazilian Navy seizes 3.6 tonnes of cocaine

The joint mission between navy and federal police marks the largest cocaine seizure on Brazilian waters.

Signal: US military asks public to find lost $80m fighter jet

The F-35 Lighting II jet went missing over South Carolina after a “mishap” forced the pilot to eject.

Signal: Indonesia spends $100m on UK-built Submarine Rescue System

Indonesia’s military spending spree continues with the purchase of “life-protecting equipment” from UK subsea rescue manufacturers during DSEI.

Signal: Taiwan says China is amassing air power along Taipei-facing coast

Taiwan’s biennial military report also accuses China of ramping up cyberattacks on the island.

Signal: Nato navies practise Russian response drills for first time

Led by soon-to-be member Sweden, Nato defence job hirings have increased steadily amid major naval drills in the Baltic Sea.

Signal: US Air Force requests $5.8bn for AI-driven combat aircraft

The US Air Force’s request for funding would see the AI-driven Valkyrie model developed and tested later this year.