Project 10750E Mine Countermeasures Vessel, Russia

Project 10750E

The Project 10750E mine countermeasures vessel is designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau (CMDB) and built by Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard (SNSZ), a part of United Shipbuilding Corporation. It is a deep modernisation to the Russian Navy's Project 10750 minesweeper.

Manned by 14 crew members, the Project 10750E vessel is intended for detection and destruction of mines at naval bases, harbours, channels and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) coastal areas.

The lead vessel of the type built for the Kazakh Navy was launched in October 2015.

Orders and deliveries

JSC SNSZ signed a contract with Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence for the construction of two Project 10750E mine countermeasures vessels during the IMDEX 2013 International Maritime Defense Show held in St Petersburg, Russia.

The keel-laying ceremony of the first vessel, Alatau, was held in July 2014, while commissioning is planned for 2015.

Armament of Project 10750E mine-hunter

Weapons onboard the Project 10750E inshore minesweeper include one 30mm AK-306 CIWS automatic gun mount with optic-electronic control system, one 12.7mm machine gun, and four portable Igla infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers.

Mine countermeasures

The mine countermeasures vessel uses two remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and two Alister-9 autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to perform underwater search-and-rescue operations. It is fitted with towed ShAT-U wideband acoustic sweep system and GKT-3MO contact sweep systems to counter sea mines.

It also features a K-Ster I EMDS remotely operated vehicle to inspect and detonate underwater mines.

Sensors onboard Project 10750E vessel

The Project 10750E vessel is installed with Sea Bat sonar system for the inspection and detection of underwater objects. It also uses radars such as 6710R-3 FoF radar system and MR-231-1 navigation radar to detect objects under varying maritime conditions.

Navigation and communications

The navigation suite includes Akva-Bort-12 navigation set, NEL-20K echo sounder, LGT-1 speed log, KF-1 magnetic compass, and Kama-NS navigation and stabilisation system.

"It is a deep modernisation to the Russian Navy's Project 10750 minesweeper."

The vessel incorporates Thales HF and VHF radio communications system for secure data transmission. In addition, a VHF digital selective calling (DSC) radio station provides improved safety. Other communications systems include INMARSAT satellite station, NAVTEX receiver and two radar responders.


The propulsion system of the Project 10750E mine countermeasures vessel consists of two four-stroke, direct-injection, six-cylinder in-line, turbocharger, intercooler MAN D2866 LXE20 diesel engines. Each engine has a bore size of 128mm and a stroke of 155mm, and generates an auxiliary power of 190kW and an emergency standby power of 177kW.

The propulsion system also consists of two propeller shafts. The electrical power systems of the vessel include two 120kW gensets and one 50kW harbour genset.

Performance of Project 10750E mine countermeasures vessel

The 10750E mine countermeasures vessel has a speed of 12k in deep, calm water and a cruising range of 650nm. It can be operated continuously for five days.

The onboard mine countermeasures systems and guns have the ability to operate through sea state 3. The vessel can be steered and navigated in wind and waves at different angles with combat cruising speed up to sea state 4. It is also capable of operating though sea state 5 conditions.

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