105m Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (AOPV), Sri Lanka

105m advanced offshore patrol vessel

Indian shipbuilding company Goa Shipyard is building two 105m advanced offshore patrol vessels (AOPV) for the mission requirements of the Sri Lankan Navy. The vessels are based on Samarth-class OPVs, which are operational with the Indian Coast Guard.

The new AOPVs are intended to conduct patrols, policing, search and rescue, surveillance and pollution control missions in Sri Lanka's maritime zones. They can also be used for external fire-fighting missions.

The keel laying ceremony of the first 105m advanced offshore patrol vessel was held in September 2014 and the ceremonial launching took place in June 2016. Ceremonial ship launching of the second AOPV for the Sri Lankan Navy was held at Goa Shipyard's facility in Vasco da Gama, Goa, India, in December last year.

The Sri Lankan Navy is expected to take delivery of the first vessel in August 2017, followed by the second a year later.

Design of the 105m AOPV

Built to the standards of Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the 105m advanced offshore patrol vessel features a steel hull.

The vessel has an overall length of 105m, width of 13.6m and moulded depth of 6m. Its propeller and mean draughts are 4.5m and 3.6m respectively. With a displacement of 2,350t, the OPV can carry 280t of fuel oil, 120t of fresh water, 10t of lube oil and 15t of AVCAT fuel.

The vessel is manned by 18 crew members and accommodates up to 100 sailors.

Features of the offshore patrol vessel for the Sri Lankan Navy

The advanced offshore patrol vessel is provided with a landing facility and hangar for Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH). Helo traversing gear and Helo landing gear are provided to allow helicopters to land on the vessel.

The deck is outfitted with two 1,440kg high holding power anchors with chain and two electro-hydraulic cranes for handling 6.5m rigid-hulled inflatable boat, two anchor capstans, and one mooring capstan.

The boat is equipped with two fire-fighting systems with a capacity of 1,400m³/h at 140MWC each for external fire-fighting operations.

Armament of 105m AOPV

The 105m AOPV is armed with one 30mm 2A42 CRN-91 automatic gun controlled by a fire control system. Equipped with a double-belt separate gun feed, the weapon can fire single shots at a rate of 200-300 rounds a minute.

The gun is attached with BPK-2-42 active / passive sight with day and night modes for target identification and surveillance, and determining target range.

Surveillance and communication

The Sri Lankan Navy's 105m advanced offshore patrol vessels are equipped with a wide range of surveillance and communication equipment, including echo sounder, speed log, differential global positioning system (DGPS), magnetic compass, gyro compass, and radar with automatic radar plotting aids (ARPA).

"The new AOPVs are intended to conduct patrols, policing, search and rescue, surveillance and pollution control missions in Sri Lanka's maritime zones."

The vessels carry communication systems built to the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) A3 requirements for increased maritime safety.

The on-board autopilot and electronic chart display and information systems allow for efficient operation at sea.

Propulsion system

The propulsion system of the 105m advanced offshore patrol vessel comprises two 20-cylinder PA6B STC engines with a power rating of 7,792kW each, reduction gearbox, and two controllable pitch propellers.

Power for the equipment onboard the vessel is generated by four 450kW, 415V three-phase, 50Hz generators.

Performance of the 105m patrol vessels

The 105m advanced offshore patrol vessel can sail at a maximum speed of 24kt and can stay afloat for approximately 20 days. It is designed to operate up to a range of 6,500nm at a speed of 12kt.

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