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Airbus Defence and Space: Regenerative Contamination Control Assembly (RSBG)

The RSBG represents the development of proven Airbus DS contamination control devices towards a regenerative system.

Airbus Defence and Space: Personal CO2 Scrubbers

Personal CO2 scrubbers have CO2 control in manned confinements as required for the crew's health and safety.

Airbus Defence and Space: Contamination Control Assembly (SBG)

The SBG contains a number of cartridges of equal size. One type of cartridge is filled with specific LiOH granules according to an Airbus...

SAB Bröckskes : Halogen-Free Flexible Power Cable with Overall Copper Screen and 0,6/1 kV

SABIX BL 412 C FRNC is a halogen-free flexible power cable with an overall copper screen and 0,6/1 kV. Furthermore, it is asbestos free...

Products and Services