The US Navy’s first Zumwalt-class (DDG 1000) guided-missile destroyer, USS Zumwalt, has reportedly set sail towards San Diego naval base after undergoing repair works.

Last month, the $4bn destroyer suffered an engineering casualty while transiting through the Panama Canal.

US Pacific Fleet spokesman commander Clay Doss was quoted by DefenseNews as saying: “On 21 November, USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) experienced two engineering problems while transiting the Panama Canal, requiring it to be towed to port for repairs.

"The technical community is looking at ways to operate the lube oil coolers more effectively."

“Both problems involved failed lube oil coolers for the ship's advanced induction motors (AIM) that propel the port and starboard shafts.”

He added: “At this point it is unclear if the problems were caused by a design flaw. In addition to reviewing the design, the technical community is looking at ways to operate the lube oil coolers more effectively.”

The crew discovered the bearings that connect the ship’s advanced induction motors to the drive shafts had been contaminated by seawater leaking from failed lube oil chillers, reported USNI.

Crew members and teams from Naval Sea Systems Command and General Electric carried out repair works on USS Zumwalt’s failed lube oil coolers, Doss stated.

After reaching San Diego naval base, USS Zumwalt will prepare for a post-delivery availability and combat system activation.

USS Zumwalt faced a similar casualty in September this year, which grounded the ship for several days at Naval Station Norfolk, US.

Image: USS Zumwalt underway during at-sea tests and trials. Photo: courtesy of US Navy photo courtesy of General Dynamics Bath Iron Works/Released.