Norfolk Naval Shipyard

USS Maryland (SSBN 738), the US Navy’s Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, is nearing completion of its engineered refuelling overhaul (ERO) programme at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY).

Since December 2012, the submarine has been undergoing ERO, which is a major shipyard availability at the submarine’s mid-life point to allow it to operate for its entire design service life.

NNSY has successfully completed undocking, despite high winds, several inches of snowfall and unusually cold weather hindering the normal process of washing down the dry dock.

Project superintendent John Darlington said: "The team has shown great perseverance and refused to give up.

"It took the entire shipyard to help us get through the snow event and we have proven that when everyone works together we can be successful.

"The submarine will now undergo system testing and certification."

"This is a proud project team and we will continue to work together to give the shipyard more successes in the future."

The ERO programme includes an overhaul of systems, specifically the replacement of distilling plants with a reverse osmosis unit, as well as and the service turbine generator rotor with a low-sensitivity rotor.

An upgraded 500KW motor generator has also been installed and the local area network upgraded.

The submarine will now undergo system testing and certification, as well as Ship’s Force training, before sea trials later this year.

Image: US Navy’s Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Maryland. Photo: courtesy of mass communication specialist 1st class James Kimber.