An MV-22 Osprey

The Royal Netherlands Navy, along with the US Marine Corps (USMC) Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 261, has conducted the first MV-22 Osprey landing aboard the Dutch warship, HNLMS Karel Doorman.

The navy achieved this milestone during an interoperability test conducted near USMC Air Station New River, North Carolina, US.

According to Karel Doorman commanding officer captain Peter van den Berg, the amphibious unit recognises that it needs aircraft support in order to offer better assistance to ground forces.

Peter van den Berg said: "That’s why the Netherlands Navy is very interested in cooperating and integrating with the US Marine Corps and operating the Osprey from our decks.

"The Osprey is capable of doing large airlifts at a time, instead of a smaller helicopter, an Osprey can take much more personnel back to shore."

"The Netherlands Navy is very interested in cooperating and integrating with the US Marine Corps."

In addition to the interoperability test of the two military entities, the exercise assessed the ability of the Dutch Navy to host the American aircraft aboard their ships through carrier landings.

It included five landings aboard the ship and a refuel check to test the Osprey’s ability to receive fuel from the Dutch vessel.

Exercise operations officer captain Matthew Thompson said: "(This test) supports the mission of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing because when units from 2nd MAW move forward, they sometimes work in concert with coalition partners, and that may include the Dutch one day."

The V-22 Osprey is a joint-service, medium-lift, multi-mission tilt-rotor aircraft developed by Boeing and Bell Helicopters.

The aircraft operates as a helicopter when taking off and landing vertically. The nacelles rotate 90° forward once airborne, converting it into a turboprop aircraft.

Image: An MV-22 Osprey with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 261 prepares to land onto the Karel Doorman. Photo: courtesy of US Marine Corps.