USS Jackson

The US Navy has received its new Independence-class littoral combat ship, the future USS Jackson (LCS 6), from Austal USA shipyard in Mobile, Alabama.

The latest vessel represents the fifth LCS and the third of the Independence variant to join the navy.

LCS programme manager captain Tom Anderson said: "Today marks a significant milestone in the life of the future USS Jackson, an exceptional ship, which will conduct anti-submarine, surface, and mine countermeasure operations around the globe with ever increasing mission package capability.

"It also marks a significant milestone for the LCS programme, as the first of 20 LCS block buy ships delivers to the navy."

After commissioning and shock trials, Jackson will be homeported in San Diego. The commissioning of the vessel is planned for December in Gulfport, Mississippi.

"Today marks a significant milestone in the life of the future USS Jackson."

The US Navy’s LCS vessels have been designed to support a range of missions, including defeating asymmetric anti-access threats, including mines, quiet diesel submarines, and fast surface craft in near-shore environments.

The new 127m-long, high-speed, highly manoeuvrable combat ship, USS Jackson, has a full-load displacement of 2,637t, an operational range of 4,300nm, and is capable of cruising at a speed of 40k.

The LCS class comprises two variants the Freedom variant and Independence variant, which are developed by two industry teams, led by Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics (GD) respectively.

Austal, which is a part of GD team, is responsible for the delivery of ten LCSs to the US Navy under a $3.5bn contract.

Image: The US Navy’s new littoral combat ship USS Jackson (LCS 6). Photo: courtesy of Austal.