The US Navy has conducted live firing from Raytheon-built SeaRAM anti-ship defence system, which is installed on-board the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney (DDG-64) stationed in Rota, Spain.

During testing, the SeaRAM was able to detect, track and engage an inbound BQM-74E target and block it with a Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block II missile.

Raytheon Naval Area and Mission Defence product line vice-president Rick Nelson said: "These test results are evidence of our strong partnership with the US Navy that is working to rapidly deliver solutions to protect our warfighters.

"These test results are evidence of our strong partnership with the US Navy."

"SeaRAM adds an important layer of defence to the Rota, Spain DDG's and can provide protection to many naval ships facing today's most worrisome threats."

The SeaRAM system combines the capabilities of Phalanx close-in weapon system and the RAM guided weapon system for superior accuracy, extended range and high manoeuvrability.

The RAM missile adds extended range and high manoeuvrability to the system supported by a high-resolution search-and-track sensor and reliable, quick-response capability of the Phalanx Block 1B system.

The US Navy has plans to install the SeaRAM system on four DDGs, including USS Porter and USS Carney, USS Ross and USS Donald Cook, which are stationed near the Mediterranean Sea.

In March this year, the US Navy fired a tactical missile from the SeaRAM launcher on-board USS Porter (DDG 78), during a live-fire test in Rota, Spain.

The SeaRAM system is also fitted on-board the Independence variant of the US Navy's littoral combat ships.