General Dynamics (GD) Electric Boat has been awarded a $95.5m contract modification from the US Navy to continue development of the common missile compartment (CMC).

The CMC is being developed for the use on-board both the US Navy’s new Columbia-class submarine and the UK Royal Navy’s Dreadnought-class ballistic-missile submarine.

General Dynamics Electric Boat will be able to procure 17 missile tubes to support the CMC's development under the newly modified deal.

The US Navy’s Columbia-class programme was formerly known as Ohio replacement programme (ORP) and involves the development of 12 new Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), which are intended to replace the current fleet of 14 Ohio-class SSBNs.

"General Dynamics Electric Boat will be able to procure 17 missile tubes to support the CMC's development under the newly modified deal."

The Columbia-class submarine programme achieved its Milestone B review in January this year.

General Dynamics Electric Boat was awarded an initial five-year contract to carry out research and development work for the US Navy’s next-generation ballistic-missile submarine in December 2012

The company will begin construction of the submarine in 2021 under the $1.85bn contract, which has a potential value of approximately $2.5bn.

The Royal Navy’s new Dreadnought class of nuclear deterrent submarines will replace the current Vanguard-class. The UK Government have committed £1.3bn in funding for the construction of four Trident ballistic-missile-carrying Dreadnought submarines, with the first vessel slated to enter into service in the early 2030s.

Image: An illustration of the US Navy’s Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine. Photo: courtesy of Captain William J. Brougham, USN – Programme Director, OHIO Replacement Programme – NAVSEA.