Evolva has collaborated with the US Navy’s NAVAIR research facility, China Lake, California, to develop a new class of structural composite materials developed from a polymer resin matrix derived from Evolva’s resveratrol.

Under the collaboration, Evolva has developed and delivered the specified formulation of its resveratrol to the navy.

Testing of prototype materials fabricated from resveratrol is currently underway.

"Evolva’s resveratrol is produced using advanced biotechnology and yeast fermentation."

The composite materials produced can be used for high-energy, high fire-risk applications such as fuel tanks, engine components, high-rise buildings, elevators, rockets, trains, and lithium battery casings.

Evolva CEO Neil Goldsmith said: “Engineering with biology provides a way to produce a whole range of product innovations that would otherwise be impossible to achieve economically and sustainably.”

Resveratrol is an ingredient found in certain plants and is produced when the plant is exposed to extreme stress like heat, dehydration, or disease.

Evolva’s resveratrol is produced using advanced biotechnology and yeast fermentation, and is made from natural and sustainable feedstocks.

In preliminary tests, prototype materials composed of Evolva’s resveratrol have exhibited advantages over the conventional fire-resistant materials.

Apart from benefitting the US Navy, the composites can also be put to use for a broad range civilian applications such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, public transport, construction, electronics, energy storage, transmission and professionals.