The US Marines have tested the Office of Naval Research (ONR)-developed augmented immersive team trainer (AITT) system, as part of live-fire training exercises.

As part of the Infantry Officer Course, marines trained with the augmented reality technology for the first time at a test range on the southern edge of Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory commanding general brigadier general Julian Alford said: "The AITT system is like the Marine Corps itself: lean, agile and adaptable.

"This affordable lightweight system can be taken anywhere, turning any environment into a training ground, and could be used to prepare marines for real-world situations and environments they will face."

The AITT system, which consists of a laptop, software, and battery pack, as well as a helmet-mounted display, is capable of supporting a wide array of live, virtual, and advanced training scenarios.

The system uses augmented reality, in which virtual objects are superimposed onto a real environment.

"The AITT system is like the Marine Corps itself: lean, agile, and adaptable."

It also resolves several challenges by using virtual ground vehicles, aircraft, and munitions.

ONR’s Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism Department programme officer Dr Peter Squire said: "The system will enable the student officers to use virtual assets to complement live training or to get additional practise repetitions without having to use live assets.

"And instead of using your imagination, now you can see virtual effects from the blasts, like smoke."

The AITT programme is part of the ONR capable manpower future naval capability.

Image: A Marine is fitted with the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer (AITT) from the Office of Naval Research during on-going testing at Quantico. Photo: courtesy of US Navy photo by John F Williams / Released.