The current naval relation between the US and China is the ‘best in history’, Chinese naval chief Wu Shengli has reportedly revealed during senior US Navy officers’ visit to China’s lone aircraft carrier Liaoning.

The naval chief’s comment comes as the US Navy plans to send warships around man-made Spratly islands in the disputed South China Sea.

According to the official People’s Liberation Army Daily, Wu Shengli said that the military exchanges between the two countries will become more systematic in the future, Reuters reported.

Both the countries have conducted joint drills and agreed on warfare rules to increase military interaction.

The naval chief was quoted as saying: "At present, relations between the Chinese and US navies are at their best time in history.

"At present, relations between the Chinese and US navies are at their best time in history."

"Exchanges and communications are more trusting and effective."

The 27-member delegation of US naval captains who visited the aircraft exchanged views with their counterparts on topics such aspersonnel training and management, medical support and aircraft carrier development strategy, the news agency reported.

The Washington’s decision to sail naval ships within 12nm miles of the artificial islands has created cracks in US-Chinese relations as it challenges Beijing’s maritime claims over the region.

The recent Airbus Defence and Space imagery revealed the presence of helipads and runway on the island, proving that China is building outposts far from its shores.

The countries within the South China Sea, along with the US, have repeatedly claimed that the area is situated in international waters.

US Pacific fleet commander admiral Scott Swift reportedly said that the policymakers in Washington will take the final decision over the navy’s plan to sail through the South China Sea.

Swift said that patrols would reinforce international laws and will not be directing at a specific country, The Associated Press reported.