HMS Pembroke

The UK Navy’s Sandown-class mine counter measures vessel (MCMV) HMS Pembroke has been undergoing training off the west coast of Scotland in preparation for an upcoming NATO deployment.

HMS Pembroke will join forces with other Nato allies in the Baltic in April as a part of Standing Nato Mine Counter Measures Group 1.

The vessel was joined by engaged Crew 1 from the Faslane-based First Mine Counter Measures Squadron (MCM1) for the training exercise.

It involved a series of fire and flood drills, salvage exercises, medical training, gunnery and mine hunting monitored and assessed by staff from the Royal Navy‘s training organisation – Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST).

The crew aboard the vessel was subjected to simulated attacks from a hovering Falcon aircraft and training ship Smit Towy at sea.

The exercise witnessed the crew taking control of the damage inflicted upon the vessel by combating mock floods, fire-fighting drills and medical skills.

Specialist Fleet Time naval officer sub lieutenant Euan Simpson said: "The exercises were a great learning opportunity and helped broaden my welfare and navigation skills.

"It shows the importance of good teamwork in the Royal Navy.

"Crew 1 came together to tackle everything that was thrown at them during the simulated attack."

"Crew 1 came together to tackle everything that was thrown at them during the simulated attack."

HMS Pembroke is composed of entirely non-magnetic materials and is designed to resist high shock levels.

The vessel is equipped with Seafox mine disposal system and is supplemented with her own mine clearance diving team to identify mine threats beneath the surface of water.

Last year, the vessel detected nine second World War bombs, torpedoes and mines and tackled a 500lb bomb in the North Sea during a Nato operation.

Image: An image of US Navy’s HMS Pembroke. Photo: courtesy of Royal Navy.