Thales has signed a new cooperation agreement with Turkish defence company Aselsan to continue the joint development of a missile launcher system.

The new system incorporates Thales’ lightweight multi-role missiles (LMM) and Aselsan’s missile launcher system.

First-stage firings of an integrated missile launcher system and LMM were demonstrated last year.

"Aselsan’s missile launcher system is a customised solution for naval platforms."

Signed during IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi, the new agreement includes additional firing demonstrations, initially in the naval domain, and covers other areas where Thales and Aselsan have considerable experience.

LMM are lightweight, precision-strike missiles that can be fired from a range of tactical platforms, including helicopters, fixed or rotary-winged UAVs and wheeled or tracked vehicles, as well as naval platforms.

The target set includes surface threats such as static installations, armoured personnel carriers, asymmetric threats, fast in-shore attack crafts and UAVs.

Aselsan’s missile launcher system is a customised solution for naval platforms such as fast patrol boats and larger ships.

It provides defence for critical infrastructure, including oil rigs, seaports and naval bases, against a variety of surface and air threats.

The system can be used autonomously or fully integrated within a combat management system.