ERAPSCO / SonobuoyTech Systems, a joint venture between Sparton and Ultra Electronics' (ULE) subsidiary USSI, has received multiple subcontracts worth $19.2m to manufacture passive and active sonobuoys.

Details about the customers have not been disclosed by the company. The sonobuoys will be used to support multiple underwater missions.

Under the foreign sales contracts, ERAPSCO will distribute manufacturing subcontracts worth $8.6m and $10.6m to Ultra Electronics USSI and Sparton De Leon Springs respectively.

"The sonobuoys will be used to support multiple underwater missions."

Work under the contracts will be carried out at Ultra Electronics USSI's facility in Columbia City, Indiana, and Sparton's plant in De Leon Springs, Florida, US.

The active and passive sonobuoys have been designed for detection, classification, and localisation of adversary submarines during peacetime and combat operations.

The active sonobuoys are capable of emitting sound energy into the water and receive a returned transmission that is then relayed to monitoring units for analysis. The passive sonobuoys are used to listen to sound wave transmissions.

The systems can be used to evaluate environmental circumstances and facilitate communication with friendly vessels.

To date, more than six million sonobuoys are deployed with the US and other foreign customers.

Recently, the Erapsco joint venture secured subcontracts valued at $101.1m to manufacture sonobuoys for the US Navy.

Image: AN/SSQ-47B active sonar sonobuoy. Photo: courtesy of Peter Ellis at English Wikipedia.