Ultra Electronics has awarded a subcontract to SEA to provide transducers as part of the Sonar 2050 Technology Refresh programme (S2050TR) for the UK Royal Navy.

The £2m contract has a performance period of five years and will cover eight ship sets of the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigate programme.

SEA managing director Steve Hill said: “This significant contract with Ultra is the start of an exciting few years for SEA and it will demonstrate our continued ability to support the Royal Navy T23 frigates.

"The agreement is important in helping us to play a role in the future RN programmes."

“In addition, the agreement is important in helping us to play a role in the future RN programmes, besides supporting Ultra’s sonar capability for a growing global market.”

Earlier, Ultra’s Sonar Systems business received a £27m contract for the Royal Navy’s S2050TR programme.

SEA will support the replacement of the Sonar 2050 systems on the Royal Navy’s current Type 23 frigates with an enhanced hull-mounted sonar capability designed to offer persistent surveillance against submarine and torpedo threats.

It will upgrade its existing Tonpilz Transducer design to create a new unit to cater to Ultra's requirements to fit its Digital Array Module design.

Sonar 2050 is designed as a hull mounted omni-directional medium range duct sonar equipped with a convergence zone (CZ) capability.

It is an active system featuring four transmission modes, with seven range scales and two pulse lengths. There are three active frequencies, with a choice of high or low power, and can dip the transmitted and received beam for CZ operation.

Since 1980, SEA has been supplying S2050 transducers and upgraded versions to the Royal Navy.

Image: SEA to supply S2050 transducers to Royal Navy. Photo: courtesy of SEA.