Science Applications International (SAIC) has received a $121.5m contract from the US Marine Corps (USMC) to support the engineering, manufacturing and development (EMD) of amphibious combat vehicle Phase 1, Increment 1 (ACV 1.1).

SAIC will team-up with ST Kinetics during the EMD phase to build and supply 13 prototypes to the USMC. The prototypes are scheduled to be assessed next year.

Work under the contract will take place at SAIC’s facility in Charleston, South Carolina, US.

“ TERREX 2 is an 8×8 wheeled, armoured ACV featuring enhanced mobility.”

The ACV 1.1 solution, engineered by SAIC and ST Kinetics, is termed TERREX 2, which is an 8×8 wheeled, armoured ACV featuring enhanced mobility, and can carry a combat load of up to 11 embarked marines and three crew members across a hostile terrain.

TERREX 2’s independent suspension system increases its ground mobility and subsequently the transport quality of the marines on land, while the hydraulically driven propulsion systems, coupled with full independent thrust control authority, enables operational safety at Sea-State 3, and negotiates six-foot waves.

SAIC Navy and Marine Corps customer group senior vice-president and general manager Tom Watson said: "Our solution provides the Marine Corps with an ACV that is fully-protected and has superior manoeuvrability with amphibious ship-to-shore capability. We are pleased that the protest for this programme has been favourably resolved."

General Dynamics Land Systems has reportedly contested the USMC’s decision to award the contract to both BAE Systems and SAIC, which was denied by the Government Accountability Office, reported DefenseNews.

For more than ten years, SAIC has been supporting the modification and overhauling of the armoured vehicles for the US Department of Defence, while securing the safety of the warfighters with command and control, and repair capabilities.

Last year, SAIC was awarded a contract to upgrade ten assault amphibious vehicle (AAV) prototypes.