Swedish shipyard Saab Kockums has selected Sagem (Safran) to install Sagem Series 30 optronic surveillance on two future A26-class submarines, and two Gotland-class submarines that are currently in service.

The deal also covers the delivery of initial logistic services and options for additional systems.

The Sagem system features high-performance optronic sensors and easy integration in the ship’s combat system. It provides a human-machine interface that will enable enhanced operation of its high-definition imaging functions.

Part of Sagem’s Series 30, the system uses a non-penetrating technology for the submarine pressure hulls, in addition to its compact design and multi-sensor architecture, meeting the Swedish navy’s requirements.

The company has already delivered the optronic surveillance masts to the Scorpène-class submarines built by French shipyard DCNS.

"The system uses a non-penetrating technology for the submarine pressure hulls."

In June, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration signed contracts worth Skr7.6bn ($919.01m) with Saab to deliver two new Type A26 submarines.

The shipyard started the construction of the first submarine last month.

Powered by conventional diesel-electric propulsion machinery, the new A26 will be capable of operating in all oceans and across a broad spectrum of conflict environments.

The new submarines will feature the Kockums Stirlingair-independent propulsion (AIP) system, which allows the submarine to be stealthy and difficult to detect.

The delivery of the new submarines is expected to commence in 2022 and will be completed in 2024.