Saab Grintek Defence has been contracted by Armscor‘s Institute for Maritime Technology to deliver the TactiCall integrated communications system for the South African Navy.

In 2012, the South African Navy revealed plans to set up two maritime domain awareness centres (MDACs), one in Silvermine and the other in Durban as part of efforts to safeguard the continent’s coastlines.

According to Saab, the contract has been awarded after a live demonstration of the technology during a recently held joint exercise, reported defenceWeb.

“The TactiCall system makes communication easier, more efficient and is platform-agnostic.”

The TactiCall is said to be deployed at the navy’s Silvermine MDAC, with plans to develop it into an advanced solution in the future.

Scheduled to be installed by the end of May this year, the system is capable of linking a range of communication technologies through a single IP network, thereby improving the overall efficiency and operational speed.

Saab Sub-Saharan Africa Marketing Executive (Maritime) Hein van den Ende was quoted by the news portal as saying: "The TactiCall system makes communication easier, more efficient and is platform-agnostic, ensuring that no vessel or station will ever be out of contact with other sites.

"The system integrates a multitude of different frequency bands, networks and radio equipment into one central user interface solution that makes communication easy, secure and seamless."

A web-based application, known as the Operator Control Panel is used to manage TactiCall via the internet.

Saab Grintek Defence was reported as saying the solution could be enhanced with features such as secure voice separation with multiple levels of security.