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Russia plans to conduct joint tactical naval exercises with China, Egypt, India, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan this year.

Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will be partnering with Russia for the first time.
The 2016 exercise will include live-firing from coastal missile systems in the Arctic by navy coastal troops.

Russian Navy deputy commander-in-chief was quoted by the TASS news agency as saying: "The navy’s coastal troops will hold brigade-level tactical exercises in 2016 involving an Arctic motor rifle brigade and a research tactical exercise with a live fire from coastal missile systems in the Arctic zone."

"The navy’s coastal troops will hold brigade-level tactical exercises in 2016."

Russia and Egypt conducted their first joint naval exercise in June 2015, when they focused on measures to safeguard shipping routes.

The 2016 exercise between the two countries will be coming after a Russian plane carrying tourists crashed in Egypt late last year, in a suspected bomb blast by terrorists.

In December, Russian Navy ships and personnel were in India to participate in the annual Indra exercise.

Russian paratroopers are also planning to conduct joint exercises with Egypt, Serbia, India, and Belarus this year.

The country is currently in talks with Mongolia over the Selenga-2016 exercise in February.

Representatives of the two countries are to decide on the scenario of the exercise and number of forces involved. Selenga has been conducted annually since 2008.

Image: Indian and Russian naval ships during the Indra exercise. Photo: courtesy of Indian Navy.