The British Royal Navy's Sandown-class minehunter HMS Grimsby is set to undergo a full refit programme at Rosyth Royal dockyard in Scotland.

The vessel will undergo a complete upgrade that will cover the ship’s deep level maintenance, as well as the installation of improved equipment such as a new sonar, in addition to a full repainting of the exterior.

MCM1 Crew 6 has operated HMS Grimsby for the past one year, and will now proceed on pre-deployment leave before completing an Operation (OP) Kipion deployment that is scheduled to continue into next year.

MCM1 Crew 3 will prepare the Royal Navy vessel for refit over the next two months to ensure that it is delivered to Babcock International Group in the correct state.

"The vessel will undergo a complete upgrade that will cover the ship’s deep level maintenance, as well as the installation of improved equipment."

The ship is expected to re-enter service in 2018 after completing the refit programme.

HMS Grimsby has journeyed more than 43,000 miles and had seven different crews since its last upgrade five years ago. It has also travelled to more than 18 different countries in that time frame, namely Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Denmark, Morroco, Italy, Greece, Malta, Germany, France, Turkey, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.

Babcock International delivered HMS Grimsby to the Royal Navy after a successful six month Support Period (Docking) in December 2012

This was the vessel's first refit under the Surface Ship Support Alliance (SSSA) Class Output Management (COM) Phase II arrangements.

Image: The UK Royal Navy’s HMS Grimsby in Rosyth Royal dockyard. Photo: courtesy of Royal Navy.