PyroGenesis Canada has received an order from the US Navy to train sailors on its plasma arc waste destruction system (PAWDS) engineering design model.

As part of this development, the first batch of navy personnel is expected to arrive later this year and PyroGenesis will deliver the training at its manufacturing facility in Montreal.

PyroGenesis CFO Paul Simmons said: "We are very proud of the fact that the US Navy recognises PyroGenesis’ skills and expertise, not only in the design and manufacture of high-tech plasma waste destruction systems, but also in our after-sales support services.

"Training US Navy sailors in the operation and maintenance of our PAWDS Marine systems will be an honour that we look forward to fulfilling."

"Training US Navy sailors in the operation and maintenance of our PAWDS Marine systems will be an honour."

The support service that the company will offer include training programmes that intended for mechanical maintenance personnel, electrical maintenance personnel, and system operators.

According to PyroGenesis, the first batch of sailors will receive training under a $100,000 programme and the training will continue for approximately four weeks.

PyroGenesis Engineering director Pierre Carabin said: "This order to develop and implement a training programme is one of several support services that PyroGenesis is proposing to the US Navy."

The company continues to offer technical support to Newport News Shipbuilding Huntington Ingalls following the delivery of two PAWDS Marine systems for the latest US Navy aircraft carriers.

In addition, PyroGenesis is currently seeking to deliver technical support and spare parts throughout the ships’ expected 50-year lifespan in addition to its efforts to develop an ongoing educational / certification programme in PAWDS Marine system operations.

Currently, Newport News Shipbuilding is working on the navy’s second Gerald R Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS John F Kennedy (CVN 79).