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The UK Royal Navy’s Portsmouth Naval Base has commenced work to revamp facilities in the base in order to receive the navy’s new Queen Elizabeth-class (QE) aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

A total of £100m will be invested in the base and harbour to accommodate the vessel in early 2017.

Portsmouth Naval Base infrastructure head captain Iain Greenlees said: "This is a huge project, and a very exciting one, refurbishing and rebuilding jetties, bringing in new power facilities, installing navigation beacons, dredging millions of tonnes of mud.

"This programme confirms the future of Portsmouth Naval Base for the next 50 to 80 years. It will be the only port which can fully support HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales and meet all their needs."

With £34m investment, the 18-month long work will see improvements to the 90-year-old structure at Middle Slip Jetty.

" This programme confirms the future of Portsmouth Naval Base for the next 50 to 80 years."

In addition, the modern Victory Jetty will be enhanced to host both Queen Elizabeth-class (QE) aircraft carriers in port simultaneously.

Construction firm VolkerStevin will install hundreds of tonnes of steel and concrete poured to replace or enhance the existing jetty.

The dredging works, which is expected to begin in December, will deepen the main channel, used by shipping, by one metre.

The project also includes the installation of new communications cables, a high-voltage electrical supply, and improved fresh water piping, among others.

Image: The first impression showing both HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales together in Portsmouth Naval Base. Photo: courtesy of UK Royal Navy.