PAR Technology's subsidiary Rome Research Corporation (RRC) has been awarded a five-year contract to support the US Navy’s global information grid (GIG) facility in Lago Patria, Italy.

Under the $13.6m contract, RRC will provide teleport commercial satellite terminal services at the GIG facility and other remote locations.

The GIG supports the US Department of Defense, national security and related intelligence community missions and strategic, operational, tactical and business functions in war and peace.

"Our employees are passionate about what they do to support the warfighter."

PAR government business president Matthew Cicchinelli said: “Our employees are passionate about what they do to support the warfighter and we are honoured that the navy continues to entrust RRC with this mission-critical contract.

“The company’s expertise and knowledge in operating teleport systems at this and other locations were important factors in the award decision.”

The GIG is the global information network of information capabilities, processes and personnel to collect, process, store, distribute and manage information on demand for use by military commanders, policy makers and support personnel.

In addition to providing interfaces to coalition, allied and non-DoD users and systems, GIG provides capabilities to operating locations such as bases, posts, camps, stations, facilities, mobile platforms, and deployed sites.

In 2012, RRC was awarded a $14.2m contract by the US Navy to provide telecommunications operations and maintenance services at the GIG facility at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa.