The Pakistan Navy has successfully conducted the test launch of a land-based anti-ship missile from an undisclosed location.

Naval Staff chief admiral Muhammad Zakaullah said that the weapon system “has added a new dimension in the operational reach of the Pakistan Navy”, as it would be capable of further supporting the seaward defence of the country by “having the capability of launching long-range anti-ship missiles from land.”

The trial was conducted from a coastal region, and saw the land-based anti-ship missile successfully hit a secured target placed at the sea.

The anti-ship missile is equipped with advanced technology and avionics, allowing it to hit sea-based targets with a high degree of accuracy.

"The anti-ship missile is equipped with advanced technology and avionics, allowing it to hit sea-based targets with a high degree of accuracy."

Naval Staff vice-chief admiral Khan Hasham Bin Saddique commended the Pakistan Navy and the efforts of the crew members and other officials involved in the trial following the successful launch.

Pakistan's Navy previously test fired the 2,200km range surface-to-surface nuclear-capable missile Ababeel on 24 January, reported the Press Trust of India (PTI).

The Ababeel missile is capable of offering multiple warheads and is equipped with Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technologies.

The low flying, terrain-hugging, submarine-launched cruise missile Babur-III was also test-fired during the same month.