OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) has been selected to deliver its advanced tactical dived navigation system (TDNS) to an undisclosed Asian navy new build submarine programme.

The TDNS is developed specifically for use on subsurface platforms and features a bespoke hardware design and the full operational capability offered by the company’s electronic chart precise integrated navigation system (ECPINS).

OSI’s ECPINS has been independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564 standard. A submarine fitted with ECPINS is facilitated with an automatic calculation of pool of errors (POE), which allows the navigator to make an upfront and validated safe report of navigation.

“TDNS is closely interfaced with the systems and sensors of other submarines.”

Suited for incorporation in military vessels and functional in harsh maritime climates, TDNS is closely interfaced with the systems and sensors of other submarines, which allows submarines to operate with an enhanced navigational safety, as well as tactical situational awareness.

OSI’s TDNS provides the submariner with a range of tactical features, including specially tailored screen layouts for unique submarine navigation operations and requirements, which improves the operational capability of the submarine as well as overall dived navigation safety.

TDNS will be customised to suit the fleet specifications under the current contract and will be integrated with the programme’s combat management system.

Last year, OSI was selected by Saab to supply TDNS for the Royal Swedish Navy’s two new A26 submarines.

Currently, more than 500 warships and submarines around the world operate with OSI’s integrated navigation and tactical solutions.