The US Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) has conducted two electronic warfare battle management (EWBM) experiments during the Talisman Sabre 2015 multinational exercise.

The first experiment, which used a Link 16-enabled EWBM, was aimed at collecting data on Link 16 EW tracks received by ships from carrier-based aircraft.

In addition, the other objectives of the test included recording ship combat systems processing of the received tracks and identifying how they are currently being used by the shipboard EW watchstanders.

The NAWCWD team for this experiment included data analysts Steve Fisher and Bob Markham, and senior EW systems analyst Les Fierst.

"Our team is supporting the chief of naval operations’ near-term EMW objectives."

Markham stated that the team made significant observations that will improve electronic warfare interoperability between air and surface assets and also permit shipboard combat systems to integrate aircraft EW data and increase EWBM capability with Link 16.

According to Markham, further data analysis will give more inputs on other possible tactical data link interoperability concerns.

Markham said: "By furthering EWBM functionality and operational utility with currently fielded systems and capabilities, our team is supporting the chief of naval operations’ near-term EMW objectives and demonstrating fiscal responsibility in a time of tight budgets."

The second test conducted by the marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) EWBM/Navy EWBM experiment team assessed the impacts of Integrated MAGTF EWBM on navy operations.

The team was also seeking answers for who is the command and control for ALQ-231 operations and the command and control locations of ALQ-231 operations.

Started in July, the team performed dry runs and fully integrated tests that included AV-8B Harriers in flight.

The experiment marked the first successful control of an airborne EW pod on an AV-8B controlled through IP data link aboard a ship by Navy personnel.

The experiments were part of Trident Warrior 2015 initiatives, which offers a platform to test out new ideas and innovations in a real-world environment.