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Nato and its Allies are set to conduct training events, called as the Allied Shield series of exercises, in June this year.

This military training programme will include Exercise Noble Jump, which is the first training deployment of Allied units under the new very high-readiness joint task force (VJTF) framework.

Noble Jump is aimed to test the deployment and employment of forces in a field training environment. It will test the alert procedures and deployment capabilities of the units that participated in the alert exercise conducted in April.

This training series also include Baltops, an allied naval exercise in Poland, Saber Strike, a significant land exercise in the Baltic States, as well as Trident Joust, a NRF command and control exercise in Romania.

Baltops exercise will focus on maritime and amphibious operations. Training under the programme will include maritime interdiction operations, boarding and search / seizure operations, anti-submarine warfare, mine warfare, anti-air, anti-surface warfare, maritime helicopter operations and amphibious landings.

"Noble Jump is aimed to test the deployment and employment of forces in a field training environment."

Saber Strike is a company level field training exercise (FTX) and brigade level command post exercise (CPX), aimed to promote regional stability and security, strengthen partner capacity.

Trident Joust is intended to offer continuation training for Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, and to maintain NRF level of proficiency as well as demonstrate capability to plan and execute operations.

According to Allied Command Operations, this military exercise will see the involvement of approximately 11,000 troops from 19 different Allies and three partner nations.

These training events are part of Nato’s assurance measures in response to challenges on its southern and eastern periphery, focusing on improving interoperability, readiness and responsiveness among Allied and partner nations.

Image: Noble Justification special operations teams carry out a simulated raid in AAV7 Armored Amphibious Vehicles during Nato exercise. Photo: courtesy of MARCOM Photo by Adjudant Cedric Artigues, FRAF.