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L-3 MAPPS has awarded a contract to Norway-based Kongsberg Maritime to supply a CCTV system for installation on the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) new Harry DeWolf-class of arctic offshore patrol ships (AOPS).

Nova Scotia-based Irving Shipbuilding is constructing six AOPS vessels under a $2.3bn contract awarded in January last year. L-3 MAPPS is serving as one of the Tier 1 suppliers for the prime contractor.

Under the latest contract, Kongsberg will deliver a combination of proven harsh environment CCTV cameras, and an upgraded, high-definition, version of the Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (Hoss).

"The HOSS will assist in monitoring the take-off and landing operations of the CH-148 Cyclone naval helicopters."

The HOSS will assist in monitoring the take-off and landing operations of the CH-148 Cyclone naval helicopters that will be deployed onboard the new vessels.

Kongsberg Maritime camera systems manager David Fleming said: "Further to our recent CCTV supply for the Halifax-class frigates IPMS upgrade we are delighted to be able to leverage from our proven marine and naval camera technologies to support L-3 MAPPS, Irving Shipbuilding and RCN on the prestigious AOPS programme, which is a key milestone in the renewal of Canada’s combatant fleet."

The CCTV system, which is a part of the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), has been designed to offer real-time video surveillance to assist the crew during mission critical operations.

The new system is aimed at delivering enhanced safety, security and situational awareness on board the AOPS vessels.

Last month, Kongsberg delivered a new CCTV system for installation on to the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) heavy ice breaker vessel, Polar Star (WAGB-10).

In 2012, L-3 MAPPS selected Kongsberg Maritime for the supply of a range of rugged compact power over ethernet (POE) cameras in support of the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigate upgrade programme.

Image: RCN Arctic Offshore patrol ship to be fitted with Kongsberg’s CCTV camera. Photo: courtesy of Irving Shipbuilding Inc.