Swedish Navy

The Swedish Navy has selected Kongsberg Maritime sonar systems to install on its Tapper-class fast patrol boats.

Installation of the new capability is part of a major rebuild and lifetime extension of navy’s five patrol boats.

Kongsberg Maritime Naval Sonar Product sales manager Thomas Hostvedt Dahle said: "The Swedish Navy is one of the most experienced navies with regards to operation of sonars in shallow and challenging waters so we are proud to have the preferred sonar solution for protection of the Swedish coastline."

The new sonar systems will be based on the previous model SIMRAD SS576 sonars, which were installed in 1996 onboard the vessels.

The 22m-long Tapper-class boats, with a displacement of 62t, require sonars that offer high-performance since the vessels operate in extremely shallow water.

Aimed to strengthen security in Swedish coastal waters, the new systems will be used for anti-submarine warfare (ASW), mine and obstacle detection, and navigation.

Dahle added: "Our sonars have acoustic properties specially developed for shallow water and our design is compact in order to enable installation also on very small ships.

"We are proud to have the preferred sonar solution for protection of the Swedish coastline."

"This supports the ASW tactics of fighting submarines in shallow water with the use of several smaller ships that are equipped with sonars."

In January, Saab selected Kongsberg’s Maritime hydroacoustic package for integration on two Swedish Navy A19 submarines.

The delivery under this order includes SA9510S mine avoidance and navigation sonar, as well as its EM 2040 Dual RX multibeam echosounder.

The contract also includes the delivery of an improved version of EM2040 Dual RX multibeam echosounder system with two TX-transmitters and two RX-receivers.

Image: The Swedish Navy’s Tapper-class fast patrol boats will upgraded with Kongsberg Maritime sonar systems. Photo: courtesy of Kongsberg Maritime AS.