110 FirstLook

Robotic technology-based solutions provider iRobot has secured an order from the US Navy to deliver its model 110 FirstLook robots and accessories.

Deliveries under this $4m contract are expected to be completed by February next year.

iRobot’s 110 FirstLook is a compact and expandable robot designed to offer immediate situational awareness and to perform persistent observation.

It is also capable of investigating and manipulating dangerous and hazardous materials.

iRobot Defense & Security business unit senior vice-president and general manager Tom Frost said: "iRobot is pleased to provide these state-of-the-art robots to the US Navy as they will help to address a wide variety of missions.

"FirstLook is light enough and rugged enough to be thrown through a window or down a flight of stairs, and its capabilities are expandable with the addition of different payloads. We believe FirstLook is the most capable robot in its weight class."

"iRobot is pleased to provide these state-of-the-art robots to the US Navy."

The system can also integrate third-party sensors for HazMat, CBRN missions and supports thermal imagers. It can also be installed with a small lightweight manipulator in order to interact with the environment.

In addition, iRobot recently received a contract from the US Marine Corps Systems Command to deliver 75 small unmanned ground vehicles (SUGV).

The new SUGV is a smaller and lighter version of iRobot PackBot, capable of entering areas that are inaccessible or too dangerous for people.

It offers situational awareness for infantry troops, combat engineers, EOD technicians, and other personnel.

Image: iRobot 110 FirstLook is a 5lb, compact and expandable robot. Photo: courtesy of iRobot Corporation.