The Indian Defence Ministry has launched the first indigenous composites sonar dome at Defexpo site in Goa.

The structure will be delivered to the Mazgaon Docks in Mumbai, India, for incorporation into vessels for the Indian naval forces.

The sonar dome has been developed by the Research & Development Establishment (Engineers) [R&DE(E)], a defence research and development organisation (DRDO) laboratory based in Pune.

“Sonar dome is made with a state-of-the art technology, which is developed indigenously.”

DRDO R&D chief controller S Guruprasad was quoted by Punemirror as saying: "Sonar dome is made with a state-of-the art technology, which is developed indigenously."

The huge bow-mounted sonar dome has been built indigenously by a composites manufacturing company in India, Kineco, as part of the ‘Make in India’ campaign.

The Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) process technology, with built-in process monitoring capability developed by R&DE, DRDO, has been used to ensure quality while manufacturing the product, according to a report by IBNlive.

The anti-subamarine warfare (ASW) ships are equipped with a sonar array fitted below the waterline that acts as the underwater scanner for the vessel.

The dome is positioned over the sonar array to bar the visibility of the electronics and sensors to the hostile environment on the surface.

The sonar dome is required to be structurally sound and acoustically transparent.

Senior DRDO officials have claimed that the development of the sonar dome will prompt the future manufacturing of advanced naval structures such as entire ship hulls as well as land based and aerospace applications, reported by IBNlive.