Harris Corporation has secured a $97m contract to supply the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) with self protection jammers for the integrated defensive electronic countermeasures (IDECM) programme.

Under this contract, Harris will be responsible for providing its ALQ-214 radio frequency integrated countermeasure system.

Harris Electronic Systems president Ed Zoiss said: "The ALQ-214 is one of the most capable airborne jamming systems ever built.

"In the complex, contested battlespaces our aviators face, it is a critical element of their ability to outpace evolving electronic threats and maintain a strategic edge."

Currently, the US Navy is using ALQ-214 to protect carrier-based F / A-18s from sophisticated RF threats such as hostile radars and air defence systems.

"The ALQ-214 is one of the most capable airborne jamming systems ever built."

The latest order will see Harris manufacture the twelfth full-rate production lot of the system. It also covers an option for the thirteenth lot to be exercised in 2016.

In addition, the order includes field support and assembly repairs.

The new deliveries, which include 46 systems including spare weapons replaceable assemblies, will be installed in new aircraft and modernise the existing fleet.

Harris has been supporting the IDECM programme for 18 years by enhancing the ALQ-214’s capabilities to address the evolving airborne electronic warfare threat landscape.

Recently, the US Navy awarded two contracts worth $70m to Harris to support the US Naval Surface Warfare Center’s littoral, expeditionary and maritime mine defence programmes.

As part of this development, Harris will compete for delivery orders to offer hardware, materials, and supplies to support critical fleet readiness and the expansion of science and technology programmes.