General Atomics (GA) has received a contract to manufacture the electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) and advanced arresting gear (AAG) for the future CVN 79 aircraft carrier.

The second Gerald R Ford-class aircraft carrier, named John F Kennedy, is expected to be delivered to the US Navy in 2022.

Work under the contract, including manufacturing, engineering, design, and programme management will be performed by the Electromagnetic Systems Group of GA.

GA Electromagnetic Systems Group Launch and Recovery Production Programs director Dean Key said: "General Atomics is proud to be delivering this transformational technology to the Unites States Navy, now on the second ship in the Ford-class aircraft carrier, the John F Kennedy (CVN 79).

"This is a great opportunity and GA has a great team assembled whose talents developing a first-of-kind system on the CVN 78 will allow us to pay that expertise forward for the CVN 79."

The major portion of the works will be conducted GA’s manufacturing facility in Tupelo, Mississippi. Delivery of production hardware is expected to begin in the spring of 2017.

"General Atomics is proud to be delivering this transformational technology to the Unites States Navy."

GA has already received contract to deliver EMALS and AAG systems for CVN 78 in June 2009. The final hardware delivery under this contract is scheduled to be completed in July.

Recently, Huntington Ingalls Industries secured a $3.35bn contract to design and construct the aircraft carrier, John F Kennedy.

Work under these contracts includes ship construction, design, engineering services, and procurement of materials and hardware.

Huntington Ingalls plans to construct the John F Kennedy at its Newport News Shipbuilding division.

Image: Gerald R Ford-class carrier John F Kennedy is scheduled for delivery in 2022. Photo: courtesy of Huntington Ingalls Industries.