GE Energy has signed a contract with electrical engineering firm Cegelec to supply a complete static power solution for French Navy vessels.

Using GE’s advanced static frequency converters (SFCs) technology, the new solution will offer high-conversion efficiency and a safe, reliable power transfer from the electric power grid to the French Naval vessels.

The public grid in France, which operates on a frequency of 50Hz, need to be converted in order to support the electrical systems on board the French naval vessels. With very low harmonics levels, the GE’s power solution offers high power quality.

Cegelec lead engineer Thierry Bideau said: "To keep vessels charged fast and on time, the French Navy requires a reliable and stable supply of electricity.

"GE’s converter technology allows an efficient and secured transition of energy."

"GE’s converter technology allows an efficient and secured transition of energy."

Since the design of the solution allows a smaller footprint, it offers better flexibility during installations and also permits future power upgrades.

GE Power Conversion sales manager Didier Dupont said: "We can adapt and optimise the Harmonic Filter upstream to the converter frequency according to the grid evolution, allowing easy implementation of extra power capacity if needed in the future, all while keeping the benefit of a simple installation."

In addition, the compact design enables the conversion of electricity in an efficient, secured, and reliable manner, the company stated.

The SFC technology allows a number of vessels to be charged at the same time. The solution ensures that the immediate increased load does not disturb other ships when a new vessel is being charged.