Jehu class

The Finnish Navy is set to unveil one of its new Jehu class landing ships on 9 July in the South Harbour of Helsinki.

The multipurpose Jehu class vessel can be deployed for troop transports, medical and evacuation tasks, landing, sea surveillance , escorting tasks, as well as for battle and battle support missions.

Constructed by Marine Alutech, the 19.9m-long Watercat M18 AMC design has a draught of just 1.1m.

The vessel, which is powered by two Scania 16ltr V8 diesels driving Rolls-Royce steel series 40A3 waterjets, is capable of cruising at maximum speed of more than 40k.

Suitable for the archipelago and coastal areas, as well as on the high seas, the new vessel represents the newest capacity of the Finnish Navy.

"The new vessel represents the newest capacity of the Finnish Navy."

The new vessels are part of efforts to strengthen the navy’s warship fleet since a significant part of the fleet will have to be replaced in the coming decade.

The new Jehu-class will be equipped with ballistic, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear protection systems, along with dual-weapon Saab Trackfire remote weapon stations.

The Finnish Navy keeps at least one warship in constant readiness to ensure security in its territorial waters.

Finland is cooperating with many European countries in the field of maritime surveillance. In addition, Finnish and Swedish in-sea surveillance has also expanded to the Baltic countries.

Image: The Finnish Navy’s new Jehu class landing ship. Photo: courtesy of The Finnish Defence Forces.