Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG) has been contracted by the US Naval Sea Systems Command to provide design studies and analysis services for the landing craft-utility (LCU) and a new class of towing, salvage and rescue ship, T-ATS(X).

The scope of work for the LCU will involve providing technical solutions, identifying affordability initiatives to reduce acquisition and ownership costs, and use of existing low-risk technology components.

It will also see the company ensuring that the LCU is compatible with all existing amphibious ship well deck configurations; and to ensure thelowest total acquisition and ownership costs over the service life of the vessel.

"Fincantieri will modify an existing commercial vessel design to meet the requirements of the US navy."

FMG president and CEO Francesco Valente said: "Our experience in building 17 legacy LCU vessels and seven Powhatan Class Tugs for the US Navy, combined with the Fincantieri resources of more than 1,000 engineers worldwide including over 100 in the US uniquely positions us to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for each of these new platforms."

For ATS(X) work, Fincantieri will modify an existing commercial vessel design to meet the requirements of the US navy.

The company will use commercially available and proven technologies to minimise acquisition and ownership costs, while increasing vessel reliability, maintainability and supportability.

Fincantieri employs around 19,500 shipbuilding professionals in 21 shipyards in 13 countries on four continents. The group has built more than 7,000 vessels across over 230 years.

Image: Fincantieri will offer technical solution to the US Navy’s LCUs. Photo: courtesy of Fincantieri Marine Group.