Tomahawk Block IV

Raytheon has awarded contracts worth approximately $7.3m to Ducommun to continue manufacturing a range of interconnect and electronic assemblies for the US Navy’s Tomahawk cruise missile.

Ducommun chairman and CEO Anthony J. Reardon said: "Ducommun is honoured to continue providing support for the Tomahawk programme going forward.

"The cruise missile’s outstanding reliability and effectiveness validate its premier status in the navy’s arsenal of smart weapons.

"Raytheon’s longstanding confidence in Ducommun’s capabilities means a great deal to us and we are committed to being a leading supplier partner on the Tomahawk Block IV."

Ducommun will produce assemblies at its facilities in Joplin, Missouri, Berryville and Huntsville, Arkansas, US, through to 2016.

The long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile is capable of striking high-value or heavily defended land targets.

"Ducommun is honoured to continue providing support for the Tomahawk programme going forward."

It can be launched from a ship or submarine and can fly into heavily defended airspace more than 1,000 miles away. It is 5.56m long and has a diameter of 51.8cm, as well as a wing span of 2.67m and weight of 1,315kg.

The missile carries a nuclear or conventional payload and can be armed with a nuclear or unitary warhead, or a conventional sub-munitions dispenser with combined-effect bomblets.

According to Ducommun, more than 2,000 Tomahawks have been used in combat so far.

The US Navy and Raytheon recently conducted two successful flight tests, demonstrating the moving target capability.

Image: A Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile during a flight test. Photo: courtesy of the US Navy.