Cobham has been contracted by Lockheed Martin to support production of its AN/SPY-1D three-dimensional fixed-phased array radar, which serves as the primary air sensor for the Aegis combat system.

Under the more than $10m contract, Cobham will provide multiple waveguide components and assemblies for Lockheed’s AN/SPY-1D, which is designed to provide target and track data in demanding environments.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions business development and technology senior vice-president Jeff Hassannia said: "Manufactured under stringent ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 standards, Cobham offers customisable solutions that integrate passive and active microwave and coaxial components, allowing the development and production of complete modular transmit / receive devices.

"Cobham offers customisable solutions that integrate passive and active microwave and coaxial components."

“Our track record of quality and support enables the continuation of our longstanding partnership.”

Work under the contract will be carried out by the Exeter, New Hampshire site of Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions, a business unit of the Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions sector.

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the AN/SPY-1D is an S-band multi-function phased array US naval radar system.

The system can automatically track multiple targets simultaneously while carrying out continuous surveillance of the airspace, even from ‘the wave tops to the stratosphere’.

Last year, Cobham received a low rate initial production (LRIP) award from Lockheed to produce antenna array panel assemblies (AAPAs).

The AAPAs are designed to be used in the Block II configuration of the US Navy's surface electronic warfare improvement programme (SEWIP).

Image: Cobham to support production of Lockheed’s AN/SPY-1D radar. Photo: courtesy of Cobham plc.