Gowind 2500

Cathelco has secured an order to deliver hull corrosion protection systems for the Egyptian Navy’s four Gowind-class 2500 corvettes that are being built by French shipyard group DCNS.

The company’s impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems will protect the underwater surfaces of the vessels against corrosion.

Each corvette will be equipped with 100amp forward and aft ICCP systems, as well as shaft earthing systems.

The ICCP system controllers will also be able to communicate with each other using RS485 data links, enabling users to monitor all the functions from the aft ICCP control panel through a touchscreen monitor.

Cathelco project development manager Stephen Ellis said: "The advantage of this feature is that comprehensive data about the performance of the forward and aft ICCP systems is accessible from one location making it more readily available for detailed analysis."

"Comprehensive data about the performance of the forward and aft ICCP systems is accessible from one location."

DCNS began construction on the Egyptian Navy’s first Gowind 2500 corvette in April this year.

Gowind 2500 features the DCNS’ SETIS combat system, panoramic sensors and intelligence module (PSIM), an assembly that brings together the integrated mast with its various instruments, along with the operational centre, its associated technical rooms and the high degree of integration, automation, and conviviality of the DCNS systems.

The corvette is powered by a diesel-driven propeller and waterjet system, and is capable of cruising at a maximum speed between 22k and 27k, while accommodating 50 to 75 crew and passengers.

The first of the Gowind 2500 corvettes will be constructed at DCNS Lorient, while the three others will be constructed in Alexandria.

Image: DCNS will construct four Gowind-class corvettes for Egypt. Photo: courtesy of DCNS.