BMT Group subsidiary, BMT Defence Services (BMT) has been selected to deliver a 3D walkthrough training system for Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers to support BAE Systems‘ industrial suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) training programme.

A 3D walkthrough training system will be created by the BMT team by making use of its latest training solution, Engage.

The personnel supporting the UK Royal Navy’s QEC aircraft carriers in Portsmouth will be given training so that they can safely navigate the platforms while performing their assigned duties.

"We have been working on serious gaming and immersive virtual reality technologies for a number of years."

BMT Information Systems and Information Assurance head Simon Luck said: "We have been working on serious gaming and immersive virtual reality technologies for a number of years and as one of the original designers of the QEC, this is a great opportunity to further support our industry partners in the development of a safe, efficient and effective training solution for these iconic ships."

This training will enable the personnel to become acquainted with the ship’s different aspects, including the layout, escape and evacuation routes, as well as important safety equipment.

According to Luck, a simulated environment is a cost-effective way of offering training.

"We’re looking forward to working with BAE Systems on this exciting programme where our expertise in software development, visualisation capability, human factors and ship design will come together to provide a truly unique offering,"

Queen Elizabeth Class Support head John Newell said: "This innovative 3D solution will also have wider utility as these two ships come into service as a key part of the ongoing induction process for new joiners, a useful tool that, when operational, can be forwarded in advance to embarking forces both from the UK and other nations and become a necessary precursor to any international industrial workforce working on these ships worldwide."

Image: BMT to develop 3D training solution for QEC aircraft carriers. Photo: courtesy of BMT Group Ltd.