Airbus Defense and Space has been contracted to provide TRS-4D naval radars for the US Navy's littoral combat ship (LCS) programme.

The company has already delivered three TRS-4D radars, which were installed on US Navy LCS ships.

Intended for the Freedom-class LCS, the TRS-4D radar is a rotating version of the active electronically scanned array (AESA) fixed panel TRS-4D radar, currently deployed on German F-125 class frigates.

"The TRS-4D radar can readily be adapted to change over the service life of the ship."

The new three-dimensional, multi-mode naval radar designed for surveillance, target acquisition, self-defence, gunfire support, and aircraft control as well as automatically detecting and tracking all types of air and sea targets.

Airbus Defense and Space president Mike Cosentino said: "The TRS-4D radar, with the superior performance of AESA technology, supports the LCS evolution to a frigate, meets current and future threats, and can readily be adapted to change over the service life of the ship.”

In a separate development, the UK Ministry of Defence awarded Airbus Defense and Space a £36m contract to upgrade the communications networks of 20 Royal Navy warships, including Type 45 destroyers and Queen Elizabeth Class carriers over the next four years.

Work under the contract will involve the removal of obsolete equipment, reduce dependency of serial services and allow platforms to select their own communication bearers for operations..