Pakistan has confirmed the successful test firing of a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM), Babur-3, from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean.

The Babur-3 missile, which was fired for the first time from an underwater, mobile platform, successfully hit its target, a statement from the Inter-Services Public Relations said.

With a range of 450km, the Babur-3 SLCM is a sea-based variant of ground-launched cruise missile (GLCM) Babur-2.

Pakistan chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (CJCSC) general Zubair Mahmood Hayat said the test “demonstrates confidence in our scientists and engineers in fostering the technological prowess, through indigenisation and self-reliance”.

He added: “Pakistan eyes this hallmark development as a step towards reinforcing policy of credible minimum deterrence.”

"Pakistan eyes this hallmark development as a step towards reinforcing policy of credible minimum deterrence."

The current SLCM is equipped with latest technologies, which feature underwater controlled propulsion, and advanced guidance and navigation technologies that are duly upgraded by Global Navigation, Terrain and Scene Matching Systems.

Babur-3 features terrain hugging and sea-skimming flight capabilities, as well as certain stealth technologies that allow the missile to evade hostile radars and air defences in ballistic missile defence (BMD) environment.

The missile is equipped with technologies such as underwater controlled propulsion and advanced guidance and navigation, as well as global navigation, terrain and scene matching systems.

In the land-attack mode, Babur-3 missile is designed to be able to deliver a wide range of payloads, as well as enhance deterrence by offering a credible second strike capability to Pakistan.

Image: Pakistan conducts a successful underwater launch of Babur-3, the submarine-launched variant of the Babur-2 nuclear-capable cruise missile that was tested last year. Photo: courtesy of ISPR photo.