Type 23 Duke Class Frigate

The last Type 23 frigate was commissioned in June 2002. Shown is HMS Lancaster.

  • HMS Lancaster frigate shown at sea
  • CACS-1 combat system prototype used in Duke Class vessels
  • HMS Marlborough (F233) operating in open sea conditions
  • Seawolf surface-to-air missile being launched from HMS Norfolk
  • A Stingray torpedo being launched from a Duke Class (Type 23) frigate
  • Merlin helicopter aligning to land on a Duke Class vessel
  • HMS Iron Duke (F234) seen from the stern
  • HMS Monmouth (F235) sailing under the Forth Rail Bridge
  • A Type 23 Duke Class vessel with tugboats running alongside its hull
  • Type 23 Duke Class vessels are used for anti-surface warfare (ASuW)