Lewis and Clark Class T-AKE Dry Cargo and Ammunition Ship

USNS Sacagawea<br />(T-AKE 2) was delivered to the US Navy in February 2007.

  • USNS Lewis and Clark (T-AKE 1) leaving USS Roosevelt destroyer
  • USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE 2) travelling along a coastline
  • USNS Lewis and Clark in Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP) operation with Seahawk helicopter
  • USNS Alan Shepard (T-AKE 3) travelling past a busy city skyline
  • USNS Richard E Byrd (T-AKE 4) travelling on open sea
  • Cargo / Ammunition Ship travelling alongside a Naval vessel
  • Large Naval Dry Cargo / Ammunition Shipsailing past the San Diego skyline
  • USNS Lewis and Clark cargo vessel travelling with no cargo load