La Fayette Class Frigate

Singapore has ordered six Project Delta stealth frigates, also based on the La Fayette, which entered into service by January 2009. The first, RSS Formidable , built in France, was launched in January 2004 and commissioned in May 2007.

  • La Fayette Class multipurpose stealth frigate serving with the French Navy
  • Fully integrated communications system aboard a La Fayette Class Frigate
  • La Fayette stealth frigate crashing through high seas
  • MM40 block 2 sea-skimming missile being fired
  • La Fayette Class Courbet frigate seen from face on
  • Thales TAVITAC 2000 combat data system in use
  • 24 VT1 Crotale missile system being launched
  • La Fayette frigate deck area seen from the rear