Kirov Class (Type 1144.2) (Peter the Great)

The Admiral Nakhimov Kirov battle cruiser.

  • Admiral Nakhimov Kirov Class battle cruiser
  • Kirov Class (Peter the Great) Project 1144.2 Heavy Missile Cruiser in a port
  • Kirov Class (Peter the Great) Cruiser in a port at St Petersburg.
  • Pyotr Velikiy Kirov Class Heavy Missile Cruiser before launch
  • OSA-MA autonomous shipborne Air Defence Missile System on a Naval vessel
  • Dual Kashstan Air-defence Missile Gun System on a Naval vessel
  • AK-130-MR-184 Universal Automated Shipboard Artillery System in vessel setting
  • KA-27 helicopter landing on a Russian heavy missile cruiser aircraft carrier